My first technical internship experience!

My first job/internship experience was at The internship was through BreakThrough Tech. I loved my team at At that time I took ownership of building something innovative using my technical skills. I was assigned a project to build an autocomplete server for customer service agents. I started brainstorming ideas to get an idea of the solution. I thought about how the problem can be broken down into smaller parts and then apply it to the solution. The project had to be programmed in Python which I did not know at that time. Then I started learning the basics of the language through a couple of online courses. During weekly meetings, I used to discuss my approaches with the mentors and used to get their feedback. I used to think about how I can apply the suggestions that the mentors discussed. For about two weeks of hard work in the project, I was able to find a solution where the outcome was efficient. I was also able to learn a lot about programming in Python and to think about a real-world problem in particular. Finally, I was able to acquire a set of new technical skills during my time at the internship.

Scientific facts

Some Metals are so reactive that they explode on contact with water!

There are some metals such as Potassium, sodium and lithium which reacts on the direct contact with water. Usually they are so hypoactive that they tend to react with water whenever they are exposed to air. Elements tend to have a full chemical stability and for this reason metals tend to shed electrons. These kinds of metals has only one electron on their outer layer, and this is one of the reasons why they tend to pass this electron via bonding. Therefore, these metals are found to compound with other elements so that they do not exist independently in nature.